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In July 2009 we have taken over the production of sporting cloth on factory in Jihlava. Ice-hockey socks, underwear and jerseys are the main product line of our manufacture. We are also able to realize custom manufacturing of jerseys as per your choice.



The socks are made from 100 % polyester, in four sizes (senior - 82 cm, junior - 72 cm, child - 62 cm, XS - 52 cm), for ice or street hockey without clip-on, for in-line hockey with clip-on.

Standard vesion: with one wide and two narrow strips.

On order: unicolour or own design; strips horizontally, up to 4 color.





We produce hockey underwear in a wide size range (100 cm - 200 cm), most often in black, one-piece. We use czech material - flat stitch fatbric, 100 % cotton.




Made from 100 % polyester, in six colours (black, white, blue, red, green, yellow) and jerseys for goalkeeper in gray.




We also produce, for example, pants for stret hockey or fieldbands.

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